Platzhalter Texte

Lorem Ipsum dient als Platzhaltertext, der später geändert wird, aber zunächst nur als Platzhalter dient.

Für diesen Zweck gibt es diverse Generatoren, die auch (Müll-) Text erzeugen, der frei benutzt werden kann. – Auch wir benutzen diese Generatoren, wenn wir selbst keinen Text schreiben wollen, aber Fülltext benötigen.

Hier der Link zu einigen Generatoren:

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  1. Ich bin anderer Meinung, aber ich sage es mal auf English:

    Though lorem ipsum is sometimes referred to as greek copy or greeking, lorem ipsum text is a garbled form of Latin text.

    Latin is the language of ancient Rome. (Today, classical Latin is no longer spoken and is considered a dead language, although a variant, Ecclesiastical Latin, is still used by the Roman Catholic Church).

    Why Use Lorem Ipsum?
    Lorem Ipsum, as filler text, is used:
    – To demonstrate font faces
    – In draft designs and mockups.

    “Why do you need fancy pants, special text to do this?” you ask.

    The Client Hasn’t Delivered the Copy
    One of the most typical uses of lorem ipsum is when a client has not yet finalized the copy for a project, yet the designer wants to get feedback on early design drafts.

    Rather than fill the design with text, say, from a random source like a newspaper article or novel, the designer will often use lorem ipsum. There’s an additional reason for this though.

    You Want to Highlight the Design Elements

    Graphic designers often report that when a client sees a design with actual text, they focus on the text itself and become distracted from evaluating the design elements. But when using lorem ipsum, the text — because it’s meaningless — takes a back seat to the visual elements under scrutiny. Furthermore, these text snippets contain, more or less, an even distribution of the letters of the alphabet.


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